teamwork makes a dream work 

I LOVE EARTH  … I’m sure you do too .

I believe that we need to take any action to protect our planet … our children , ourselves .

I am convinced sustainability is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

I am convinced that every step , how small it is , matters .

I am convinced  that fashion has the power to change behaviour and attitudes 

I believe that together we can do it , we can make the world a better place .


By supporting and promoting the slow fashion movement : local production, transparency, “who made my clothes” ,  fair wages and prices .

By educating the consumers : 

The more that consumers are made aware of the state of the fashion industry and of their purchasing power, mind-sets will change and they will start to ask more questions … „Where do my clothes come from? Is this dress too cheap to be fair-trade? Are these dyes toxic? „

Brands will then be under pressure to be fully transparent and greenwashing won’t work anymore.”

By pointing out that prices are often higher because they incorporate sustainable resources and fair wages.

By being more conscious about our clothes, we can save precious water and raw materials. We can help keep chemicals and pesticides from harming rivers, soil and wildlife, and cut our use of fossil fuels.

By reducing our footprint : recycled paper for our packaging , labels , printwork ,  etc .

My ultimate goal is to make my collection totally eco-friendly , sustainable . It might take a while because the industry is focused on large companies , on making big profits … but I’m highly motivated.

My contribution so far :                                                  

. the yarn that I use has the Oeko-Tex certificate , which means that they are harmless to our health and the environment .                                                                        

. No cruelty against animals : the mohair goats are treated well

. Local production : made with love in Belgium

. print work : the hangtags ,invoices , order forms and cardboard boxes are made of recycled paper or we re-use boxes .

Be the change ! be a badass fashion revolutionary ,help reduce the textile industry’s burden on the planet, help save earth !

Big love <3